August 2, 2012

Adventure Time

Adventure Time is pretty popular in my house. Obviously.


(Apologies for the shakiness and the mess – he had just dumped out his block box.)

There are all kinds of shows with various strengths, but Adventure Time’s strengths is that it is just ridiculously fun. Its world is built out of a patchwork of children’s pop culture – Candyland, Dungeons and Dragons, Magic the Gathering – but it never takes them all that seriously. Moreso, its preteen and young adult characters have some of the most realistic reactions to each other: for example, when Jake attempts to apologize for a genuine slight, Finn’s response is a dismissive, “Shut up, man, I don’t want to hear that stuff.”

Out of all the characters, I think my favorite must be the lace-gowned, pink-haired Princess Bubblegum. I don’t know whose idea it was to make what would normally be the picture of girlhood and make her into a brutally pragmatic, amoral mad scientist, but they deserve several medals.