July 25, 2012

Nina Post Review

There’s an extremely thoughtful (and fairly spoiler-filled) review of THE TROUPE over at Nina Post’s blog. Check it out!


In other news, I went to Portland last week on business, and reacted quite favorably to the weather, the scenery, the beer, basically everything that makes Portland Portland. After a few pints at Bailey’s Taproom, I asked one of the bartenders there to surprise me. He poured me a beer, I sipped said beer, said it tasted quite good, and asked what kind of beer it was.

“It isn’t,” he said.

“Isn’t what?” I asked.

“Beer,” he said. “It’s malt liquor.”

I can now confidently say that consuming a pint of malt liquor, Billy-Dee-Williams-style, does have drastic, measurable effects on one’s evening.