February 21, 2012

Opening day, and Fat Tuesday

Well, it’s happened – THE TROUPE is now on shelves on both sides of the Atlantic, available for purchase.

I never quite know what to do in these situations. You just have to hope that the small snowballs you’ve kicked down the mountain have gathered and gathered and are now the size of elephants. (A rather destructive metaphor for what is, I hope, a creative effort.)

If you’ve been following this blog, you probably know that so far The Troupe is still getting a very positive reaction. (You can see some here.) I’m extremely grateful to all who supported it and continue to support it, and I’m thankful it’s getting the response that it is.

In six days I’ll be doing my first reading at BookPeople, one of the landmark independent bookstores in Texas, and on March 17th I’ll be doing the same at another – Murder by the Book. This is the first time I’ve ever done so many readings at such highly reputable places for what have so far been such large crowds. It’s a shock – it is as if some invisible center of balance somewhere has tipped and things are happening that certainly weren’t happening previously.

Continuing the upbeat reactions is the extremely thoughtful review over at Violin in a Void, in which Lauren Smith says:

The resulting novel is not just a tale about saving the world, but a well-rounded story vividly written characters, emotional depth and existential musings. In fact, I’d say the large-scale, world-in-peril aspect of the plot is in couched in a character-based drama. The main characters each have a strong, memorable presence, albeit one that’s weighted down by tragedy. It’s very easy for you to be invested in their emotional tangles and there quite a few heartfelt moments.

Which makes me happy. This was one of the Big Things I Wanted To Do with the novel.

*             *             *

Today is Fat Tuesday. I am not Catholic, but my family is from Louisiana, and my parents both spent a lot of their lives in New Orleans. I have a crock pot of red beans and rice cooking at home, and for lunch I believe I’ll be having a crawfish or oyster poboy.

Last year I took everyone out for drinks to celebrate the publication of The Company Man. Don’t know if I’ll do that this year. It feels a bit extraneous. The book is out, though it feels like it’s been out for some time. Things are happening, and I am happy.