February 23, 2012

The first of many steps

It’s just me and the little man for now, with the darling wife out of town on work, so yesterday we went for a walk in the gorgeous 70-something degrees, and when we came home we played with his walker.

His walker is a rather unwieldy plastic car with a big plastic handle on it – it’s shaped a bit like a lawnmower. It’s intended to train babies in walking, and last night he finally got the hang of it – though he likes to push it sideways, rather than from behind. It’s a lot like pushing a lawnmower from the side, with the wheels not engaging or rolling at all, and it looks like a LOT more work, but on our tile floor it’s fairly easy.

I cut up some orange slices and was feeding them to him, and he responded so positively I started working what I could get him to do for one.

For example – would he walk?

So far, the little man has been skating on the brink of walking for about a month or two. He can stand and walk with support very, very easily – and he’s displayed a frightening aptitude for climbing – but he doesn’t particularly like walking away from support. Though he does achieve a bit of a drunken stumble while bridging the gap in between two chairs or tables or whatever.

And last night, after some coercion from me, the cruelest daddy, he took 3-5 steps away from his walker, and stood, unsupported, while I fed him a piece of orange.

It was quite fun, and exhilarating in that ridiculous way all childhood achievements are – you think, I am yelling and clapping because this person took a single step and remained upright. But still! It’s something he’s never done before. The first of many.

We practiced for a bit, because daddy, being The Cruelest Daddy, wanted to get to 7-10 steps. But he began to protest, and we had to eat some green beans.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE for my son to continue walking – and to walk straight on into college – might I suggest possibly purchasing THE TROUPE?